Status Definitions

Find out what your specific Status means

"Status" refers to the point in the TurboPass invitation process where the customer was most recently active or left off.

* - This indicates that there are other technical statuses that have a similar meaning. To determine your specific technical status, you can check the "History" section under the "Actions" column on the dashboard.


TurboPass Created: No Notification Sent A TurboPass invitation was created but the customer was not sent a TurboPass invitation.
Customer Notified The customer has successfully been sent a TurboPass link.  They have not yet interacted with the invitation. Confirm with your customer they have been sent the TurboPass link. 
Customer Reminded The customer has received another invitation as a reminder to complete the linking process.
Customer Authorization in Progress  The customer clicked the link on their invitation. 
Customer Agreed to Terms  The customer has accepted the TurboPass terms of service and is in the process of linking their account. This step should take less than one minute. 
Transitioned to {screen_name} Screen Indicates that the customer is or was last on a loading screen. The particular loading screen is indicated in the status. If this status has not changed after several minutes, confirm with the customer they are fully completing the link.
Entering Phone Number The customer was asked to verify their phone number.
Skipped Phone Verification The user has opted to not provide their phone number for the data aggregators verification. This only happens if the customer has linked their account with our data aggregator before.
Phone Number Verified The customer submitted their number for verification.
Invalid Phone Number The customer entered an invalid phone number to verify. Make sure the customer is entering a valid phone number to continue.
Invalid Password Provided The customer entered an invalid password. Make sure the customer is entering the correct password to continue.
Searching Institutions The customer is searching for their financial institution, with the following search query: {Search Query}
Institution Selected (Institution Name) The customer selected an institution. 
Matched Institution The user selected an institution that was presented as a matched institution.
Employer Selected The customer selected an employer.
Institution Currently Down The connection to the selected institution is down. Please consider other report types or contact TurboPass support for more details.
Institution Not Supported We are unable to connect to your customer's selected financial institution at this time. Please consider alternative report types or methods of verification.
Selecting Brand The customer selected a brand from an institution with multiple online portals.
New Institution Connection The customer is connecting to a different institution.
Session Expired The customer did not complete a step in the Link flow and it timed out. Have the customer re-enter their information to link their accounts.
Login Required The financial institution indicated that the customers password or MFA information has changed. They will need to reauthenticate it by logging into their account on a desktop and on their mobile device
Institution Not Responding *Version 1* The customer's selected institution is currently not responding to TurboPass servers. Please consider rebuilding the report or an alternative method of verification.
Institution Not Responding *Version 2* The customer's selected institution is currently not responding to TurboPass servers. Please consider alternative methods of verification.
Institution Not Supported *Version 1* The selected institution does not currently provide online bank access.
Institution Not Supported  *Version 2* The selected institution is no longer supported. Please consider alternative report types or methods of verification.
Password Reset Required The selected institution is requiring the customer to reset their password. Have the customer proceed with the reset process and then return to the TurboPass link to finish completion.
Exited Before Completion The customer has exited the link without fully completing the institution login process (includes ID, Password and/or Multi-Factor Authentication required by the institution). Please contact your customer to ensure they are completing the process to link their account(s). 
Institution Login The customer is being directed to the institution's website to complete the login process. 
Unable to Reset Password The payroll provider is preventing the customer from resetting their password because our records indicate that the customer has not created their account yet. Have the customer create their payroll account through the payroll provider\'s website and try again.
Invalid Credentials The customer did not enter the correct credentials during the login process. Try having the customer log in to their institution's mobile app and confirm the credentials are correct, or reset their password and try again.
Insufficient Credentials  The customer has entered an incorrect username and/or password. Please have the customer go to their institution's mobile app or website and confirm their credentials are correct and try again.
Invalid Updated Username The username provided by the customer did not match the original username provided at the initial connection. Have the customer entering the bank account username again. If they recently changed it, you may need to un-link your account and then re-link.
Communication Error The selected institution is not communicating with TurboPass servers at this time. Attempt to rebuild the TurboPass report or have the customer connect their account on a desktop for a better connection.
Communication Error same as above
Institution Login Incomplete The customer has exited their institution's authentication without completing the login process.  Please contact your customer to ensure they have completed this process.
Insufficient Credentials  The customer has entered an incorrect username and/or password. Please have the customer go to their institution's mobile app or website and confirm their credentials. They can also choose the 'Forgot my password' option within the TurboPass invitation
Failed Authentication with (Institution name) The customer encountered an error while completing the institution’s authentication process. Please have your customer access the link from a desktop computer to complete the login process. 
Incorrect Recaptcha  The reCaptcha authentication failed. Please have the customer try again.
MFA Not Supported  Multi-factor Authentication is not currently supported with this institution, but is required as part of the connection request.
MFA Requested The institution requested the customer authenticate using multi-factor authentication. This is typically a security question, or a one-time password sent to the email/phone number associated to the account for verification.
MFA Invalid Information The customer has entered incorrect credentials during multi-factor authentication.  If the issue persists, have the customer log into their institution's mobile or desktop app and change their MFA types. This is commonly found in the Security/Privacy settings.
MFA Submitted The customer has completed the institution\'s multi-factor authentication process.
Item Submitted The consumer has submitted an item as part of the verification process.
Successful Connection (with institution) The customer successfully authenticated with the institution. Please wait a few moments for us to start building your report.
Intake Complete The customer has successfully completed their intake process. Please wait a few moments for us to start building your report.
Account Locked The customer has attempted to log in to their account without success too many times. The institution has temporarily locked their account. Have the customer call or log into their institution\'s mobile app or website to unlock the account.
Information Not Found No customer information was found with the selected institution.
No Transactions Found No transactions were found for the selected institution. Make sure the customer has tried to connect to the Bravo report.
No Accounts Found No Accounts Found
Customer's Data Unavailable No data was found or the requested data is not currently available. Check with the customer to see if they connected the right accounts. If the issue persists, reach out to our support team.
Access Not Granted The consumer did not grant access to their information
User Setup Required The institution is requiring the customer to finish setting up their account. Have the customer log into the institution\'s mobile app or website to complete the required set up.
Request Expired This request has expired. All Identity verification requests expire after 24 hours. To continue, send the customer a new invitation.
Payroll Connection Begun The connection with the Employer was successful.
Customer Consent  The customer was asked to consent to the privacy policy.
Disclose Data The data types being shared were disclosed to the customer. 
Customer Consent  The customer has consented to sharing the requested data types with TurboPass.
Report Generation Failed This is an uncommon status, please reach out to TurboPass support at 1-855-667-8477.
Processing Results The consumer has successfully completed their verification. TurboPass AI is currently processing the results.
Building Your Report  The Customer has successfully linked their account. TurboPass is building your report. This should take 1-5 minutes. 
Rebuilding Report The report is being rebuilt. Please give 1-5 minutes for this to complete.
Automatic Rebuild Attempt We are attempting an additional rebuild of your report, as certain errors can be resolved automatically by our system.
Automatic Rebuild Success The automatic rebuild succeeded.
Automatic Rebuild Failure The automatic rebuild failed.
SnapCheck Data Ready SnapCheck Data Ready
Report Ready  TurboPass has successfully built the report, and the report is now ready for viewing. 
Uploaded to RouteOne The TurboPass report has been uploaded to the respective RouteOne DealJacket.
Connection Invalidated The customer has had the link opened longer than 30 minutes. Have the customer click the TurboPass invitation again and start over.  
Login Limit Detected An excessive amount of login attempts was detected. This may occur if a user enters their credentials incorrectly too many times in a row. Have the customer confirm their credentials and resend the invitation.
Generic Error An undetermined error has occurred. Send a new invitation and have the customer try again. If this error continues, contact TurboPass support.
Report Archived This TurboPass has been archived. Please contact us to un-archive this report.