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Rebuilding TurboPass Reports

Rebuild a TurboPass report to get the most recent, updated transactions

Dealers are able to bring in more recent transaction information for up to 30 days from the original date the report was generated. This function is useful when customers aren’t ready to purchase the first time they visit your store. A dealer user can access the “Rebuild Report” function by clicking on the “...” found next to the associated PDF on their dashboard. This allows for users to quickly process renewed applications without having to ask the customer to go through a repeated process

Note: If the customer has changed their online banking credentials since the original report date, this function will not be able to retrieve the information needed to complete the new report. 


Rebuilding a TurboPass report can also assist with report errors. If a customer has successfully linked their account, and the Last Status  "Error" appears, try rebuilding the report. Even after multiple rebuild attempts, this has proven to be a successful solution for TurboPass report errors with several different financial institutions.