Missing Baseline

Find out why and how to navigate a report that is missing the baseline

*Baseline is calculated as days 31-120 divided by 3*

For a detailed breakdown of financial institutions and the percentage of reports that do not generate a baseline, please scroll to the bottom of this article.


 The Baseline is generated when an account has 112-120+ days of transactions available on the account.

If a TurboPass report did not generate a Baseline in the Cash Flow Over Time section of the report, make sure to check the top of the report for the amount of days the financial institution provided as seen below.

In the case of a report bringing back only 90 days, the issue lies in two places; The financial institution does not allow 90+ days of transactions to be shared with any third party company. Or there is specific setting(s) not allowing 90+ days to be shared. 

First, advise the customer to navigate to their account settings and look for settings related to Privacy Preferences, Security Settings, or Privacy Setting sections of their online banking platform. By accessing these settings, the customer can review and modify their privacy preferences to allow third party access to the necessary account information. This could also be related to the "Paperless Statements" section of the account. If only 90 days comes back, make sure the customer has "Paperless Statements" ON. Once they enable the required settings, send the invitation to the customer and try again.

Unfortunately, there are some financial institutions that DO NOT allow 90+ of transactions to be shared with third parties. Please refer to the bottom of this article for these known institutions.

If the report brings back between 95-110 days, this indicates there is not enough days available on the account to generate the Baseline. We suggest you wait the remaining days to get to AT LEAST 112 days of transactions and run the report again.

If you have tried the suggested work-arounds with no success, please contact

Ethan Jarman



Since every bank has unique settings, we are unable to provide specific solutions for each individual bank.

As we continue to address this issue and work with specific used cases, we will include them below:

  • TD Bank Report: (Only 90 days)

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Keep in mind that if a financial institution has a 0% chance of returning a baseline, it's likely due to the institutions restrictions in sharing certain amounts of data with third-party providers. 

    Financial Institution

    % of Reports with successful Baseline

    Amerant Bank

    BankMobile VIBE 0.00%
    Capital One 0.00%
    Dave 0.00%
    First National Bank Texas & First Convenience Bank 0.00%
    FirstBank (Colorado) - Business Online Banking 0.00%
    Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card 0.00%
    PNC 0.00%
    Union Bank & Trust Company (NE) - Personal 0.00%
    Suncoast Credit Union 1.00%
    Square 4.00%
    Dade County Federal Credit Union 15.00%
    FirstBank (Colorado) - Personal Online Banking 29.00%
    Florida Credit Union 29.00%
    Mountain America Credit Union 29.00%
    ONE 29.00%
    Valley Strong Credit Union 33.00%
    Navy Federal Credit Union 34.00%
    First National Bank of Omaha 36.00%
    Educational Federal Credit Union 37.00%
    Uber Pro Card 37.00%
    Apple Federal Credit Union 38.00%
    Webster Bank 39.00%
    Desert Financial Credit Union 42.00%
    Altura Credit Union 45.00%
    Discover 52.00%
    Wisely 53.00%
    PayPal 54.00%
    TD Bank 54.00%
    GO2bank 60.00%
    BlueVine 63.00%
    Walmart MoneyCard by Green Dot 64.00%
    SoFi 65.00%
    Maza 70.00%
    Varo Bank 73.00%
    Seis 76.00%
    Space Coast Credit Union 77.00%
    Frost Bank 79.00%
    Chime 80.00%
    Venmo - Personal 80.00%
    Netspend All-Access Account by MetaBank 81.00%
    Current 82.00%
    South State Bank - Online Banking 83.00%
    Truist 83.00%
    M&T Bank 86.00%
    U.S. Bank 86.00%
    Citibank Online 87.00%
    KeyBank 87.00%
    Regions Bank 87.00%
    Woodforest National Bank 87.00%
    IBC Bank 88.00%
    Bank of America 89.00%
    Chase 89.00%
    Fifth Third Bank 89.00%
    Huntington Bank 90.00%
    VyStar Credit Union 90.00%
    Citizens Bank 91.00%
    Wells Fargo 91.00%
    Santander - Personal 92.00%
    USAA 94.00%

    The data presented was gathered in 2023. It is important to note that some of the percentages may have changed over time due to integrations and connections with specific financial institutions.