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Missing Account Information on Bravo Reports

Find out how to receive missing account information on a Bravo report


If the Account Information is not displayed in the top right hand corner of a TurboPass Report, you can try rebuilding the report. (See how here) 

If rebuilding the report does not help, most of the time, in the final steps of linking to TurboPass, the customer is presented with boxes to check off. Please view the example below:

Make sure the customer has checked all boxes off before clicking continue. 


The picture above shows greyed-out boxes which indicates the account has been connected to our data aggregator before. In most cases, the customer will see white, unchecked boxes which they MUST check off for all data to be available on the TurboPass report.

If that also doesn't resolve the issue, it is likely due to a setting in the consumer's online bank account that restricts third party access to certain information. This setting is generally known as "third party access restriction" and is designed to protect the user's privacy and prevent unauthorized access to their account. When this setting is enabled, it prevents external services like TurboPass from retrieving account information.

In this case, you can advise the customer to navigate to their account settings and look for settings related to this issue. These settings are usually located in the Privacy Preferences, Security Settings, or Privacy Setting sections of their online banking platform. By accessing these settings, the customer can review and modify their privacy preferences to allow third party access to the necessary account information.

To enable third party access, the customer may need to toggle a switch, update their privacy settings, or grant specific permissions. It's important to note that the exact location and wording of these settings may vary depending on the bank's online platform.

Once the necessary changes have been made, send the invitation to the customer again to regenerate the TurboPass Report and verify if the account information is now displayed correctly in the top right-hand corner.

If the issue persists or the customer encounters any difficulties, it is recommended to contact their bank's customer support for further assistance in adjusting the relevant account settings.

By following these steps, the customer can ensure that the necessary account information is accessible to TurboPass and correctly displayed in the report, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the account's status and activity.